IGNOU Grade Card 2023– Check June & December Grade Card

IGNOU Grade Card 2022 –You can find and download IGNOU Grade Card 2022 from this page. From this page, candidates who attended their last session of the Term End Examination December 2021 can now access their IGNOU Grade Card. 

Following the completion of the Term End Theory Exam, candidates can find the latest announcements and updates on grade cards.

Students can check their IGNOU Grade Card Status July 2022 online for courses such as bachelor’s, bachelor’s, master’s, master’s, MBAs, master’s and master’s degrees. Additionally, candidates can check their grade card status for all courses under one link.

IGNOU Grade Card Release Date 2022

As of 28th March 2022, IGNOU Grade Cards for December 2021 have been updated earlier than expected. Check your grade card frequently to keep up-to-date on all of your subjects as the grade card is updated frequently.

Official Release of IGNOU Grade Card Dec 202128th March 2022
Date of IGNOU Final Grade Card Dec 2021To Be Announced

Currently, IGNOU Grade Card updates are being made only between Monday and Friday, so keep checking the page regularly.

IGNOU Grade Card 2022– Check June & December Grade Card

IGNOU Grade Card Status Check For

  • Grade Card Status Check For BCA/MCA/MP/MPB/PGDCA
  • Grade Card Status Check For BDP/BA/B.COM/B.Sc./ASSO Programmes
  • Check Grade Card Status Check For Other Programmes

How to Download IGNOU Grade Card 2022?

For any of the programs on your screen, you can get your Grade Card in just a few steps. To proceed, you need to get started.

  • The first step is to click on the grade card link (select the appropriate link from three options)
IGNOU Grade Card 2022– Check June & December Grade Card
  • Enter your 9 or 10 digit enrollment number in the Online Grade Card section now
  • From the drop-down menu, select your program (e.g. BDP, BA, BAG).
  • clicking the submit button.
  • You can view the complete grade card on your screen
IGNOU Grade Card 2022– Check June & December Grade Card
  • It can be printed for future reference

Grade Cards or Score Cards can be viewed by candidates by following the above procedures.  That’s all there is to it. You will see your grade card for the selected program on the screen.

In the event that your grade card is incomplete and some subjects are missing, you simply need to wait. Graduation cards will be updated with all subjects and marks soon by IGNOU. For future reference, candidates can print their grade cards.

IGNOU Grade Card 2022 Weightage

The weighting of IGNOU term end assignments and IGNOU term end theory examination is confusing for many students. For IGNOU students to receive a “Completed” grade card, they must have completed both of the components in every subject.

Compulsory ComponentsWeightage
IGNOU TEE Theory Papers70%
IGNOU TEE Assignments30%

IGNOU Grading System and IGNOU Percent Calculator

IGNOU Grade Card provides you with the information and details about your percentage, qualitative level, and grade points in the particular session term-end examination.

Earned GradePointsPercentageQualitative level
A580% and AboveExcellent
B460% to 79.9%Very Good
C350% to 59.9%Good
D240 to 49.9%Satisfactory
E1Below 40%Unsatisfactory

FAQs – IGNOU Grade Card 2022

What is an IGNOU Grade Card?

The scorecard indicates a score for all your work, including theory exams, assignments, practical’s, and projects.

Does IGNOU plan to update the grades in the future?

The grade card for pending subjects will be updated regularly by IGNOU.

Is it necessary to apply for a hard copy of my grade card?

Not at all. There is no need to apply for a grade card. You will receive it by mail.

How do I deal with an incomplete grade card?

The next grade card update must be received.

Is the mark or grade on the grade card final?

Yes, of course. Unless you apply for revaluation, no changes will be made.

Does IGNOU update its grade card every year or every semester?

Following an exam, it is updated annually or semester-by-semester.

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