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You are Study in IGNOU University and You are Enroll in This Program to Download IGNOU CIG Question Papers Download & CIG Sample Paper Download in PDF. IGNOU CIG Previous Year Question Paper .CIG Guess Paper Download.

IGNOU BCOMAF Question Papers & Sample Paper Download

CIG Full Form in IGNOU Is Certificate in Guidance

IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) is a national level university and It is the largest university in the world. Today we will tell you how to Download.

You can check all type of IGNOU CIG study material like: IGNOU CIG Question papers Hindi & English Medium, CIG Solved Assignment , Projects study materials and many more. All material available here are uploaded by IGNOU students. You can download all material for free.

Note: The content provided here is just a gist of the question paper and not full paper as it will violate copy rights policy of IGNOU. If you want to get this information in Hindi then please visit our site ignou.cc We are also uploading study material in Hindi language.

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IGNOU CIG Question Paper Download With Solutions

List of Available CIG Study Materials:

Course CodeCourse Name 
NES-101Understanding the Elementary School ChildView
NES-102Facilitating Growth and DevelopmentView
NES-103Guiding Children’s LearningView
NES-104Guiding Socio-Emotional Development of ChildrenView
Course CodeCourse NameClick to
NES-101प्राथमिक विद्यालय का बालक – एक अध्ययनDownload
NES-102संवृद्धि और विकास को सुगम बनानाDownload
NES-103अधिगम के लिए मार्गदर्शनDownload
NES-104बच्चों के सामाजिक-संवेगात्मक विकास में मार्गदर्शनDownload

How can you download IGNOU CIG question papers for free?

You can download IGNOU CIG question papers for free from educational websites such as University and Academic Earth. These websites provide courses from various universities and colleges. To download the question papers, you will need to create a member account first. Once you are done, you can use the search function to find your course and download the related questions.

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