IGNOU MCA Previous Year Question Paper

IGNOU MCA Previous Year Question Paper & Sample Paper | IGNOU MCA Important Question 2022

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Course CodeCourse TitleSyllabus
MCS-011Problem Solving and ProgrammingDownload
MCS-012Computer Organization and Assembly language ProgrammingDownload 
MCS-013Discrete MathematicsDownload 
MCS-014Systems Analysis and DesignDownload 
MCS-015Communication SkillsDownload 
MCSL-016Internet Concepts and Web DesignDownload 
MCSL-017C and Assembly Language Programming LabDownload 
Semester – II
MCS-021Data and File StructuresDownload 
MCS-022Operating System Concepts and Networking ManagementDownload 
MCS-023Introduction to Database Management SystemsDownload
MCS-024Object-Oriented Technologies and Java ProgrammingDownload 
MCSL-025Lab (based on MCS-021, 022, 023 & 024)Download 
Semester – III
MCS-031Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsDownload
MCS-032Object Oriented Analysis and DesignDownload 
MCS-033Advanced Discrete MathematicsDownload
MCS-034Software EngineeringDownload
MCS-035Accountancy and Financial ManagementDownload
MCS-036Lab (based on MCS-032, 034 and 035)Download 
Semester – IV
MCS-041Operating SystemsDownload
MCS-042Data Communication and Computer NetworksDownload
MCS-043Advanced Database Management SystemsDownload 
MCS-044Mini ProjectDownload
MCS-045Lab (UNIX & Oracle)Download
Semester – V
MCS-051Advanced Internet TechnologiesDownload
MCS-052Principles of Management and Information SystemsDownload
MCS-053Computer Graphics and MultimediaDownload
MCSL-054Lab (based on MCS-051 & 053)Download
MCSE-003Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge ManagementDownload
MCSE-004Numerical and Statistical ComputingDownload
MCSE-011Parallel ComputingDownload
Semester – VI

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MCA Stands For .

MCA is Master of Computer Application

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