IGNOU BBARL Study Material

IGNOU BBARL Study Material In (Hindi & English): Indian National Open University (IGNOU) provides learners with learning materials in both printed form and digital format. A 15% discount will be offered to candidates who choose soft copies of their materials.

For example, printed BBARL materials will be sent to the student’s registered address by regular mail or delivery by express delivery.

IGNOU BBARL Study Material

IGNOU BBARL Study Material Hindi & Hindi Medium

Course CodeTitle of the CourseDownload
I Year
BRL 001Overview of RetailingClick Here
BRL 002Retail Marketing and CommunicationClick Here
BRL 003Retail Management Perspective and   CommunicationClick Here
BRL 004Customer Service ManagementClick Here
BRLT 005Internship and Viva-VoceClick Here
II Year
BRL 006Buying and Merchandising-IClick Here
BRL 007Store Operations-IClick Here
BRL 008Human ResourcesClick Here
ECO 1Business OrganizationClick Here
BCOA 001Business Communication and EntrepreneurshipClick Here
AMK 001MarketingClick Here
BRLT 009On the Job Training (OJT) and Viva-VoceClick Here
III Year
BRL 010Buying and Merchandising-IIClick Here
BRL 011Retail Operations and Store Management-IIClick Here
BRL 012Visual Merchandising and Store ManagementClick Here
BRL 013Customer Value ManagementClick Here
BRL 015IT Application in RetailClick Here
BRLT 016On the Job Training (OJT) and Viva VoceClick Here

Through the IGNOU E-Content Application, the University offers candidates the ability to apply quickly for the IGNOU BBARL Study Material. . It is also available in the Google Play Store.

EGyankosh for BBARL Study Material

In addition to the study material, the candidate can access the website of GyanKosh. Of course, Egyankosh providing the facility of study materials, which can be accessed at the official website. Additionally, as with the University, IGNOU provides the candidates with learning services, including counselling sessions, teleconferencing, and radio counselings.

The University, of course, provides a library where students can obtain reading materials in both written and audiovisual formats. Moreover, the university provides students with the opportunity to study a variety of languages.

I found the university’s study materials to be helpful for exams. The study material assists the student to master new concepts as well as to reflect on the images provided within it. The Study Material includes a paper pattern, which is not only helpful in gaining good marks, but also improves academic performance. 

How Can Candidates Click Here The IGNOU BBARL Study Material ?

  • By visiting the official website, you can download the study material.
  • Select the “Division” link under “ABOUT IGNOU”.
  • The available divisions will now appear on the screen.
  • Next, select “Material Production & Distribution Division (MPDD)”.
  • Select the “Study Materials” option.
  • Enrolment in a session is possible.
  • Candidates will have access to a login window to check the status of their shipments.
  • In the blank space, enter the details of your enrolment number.
  • Thus forth, they should select the Submit option.

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