IGNOU Admission and Course Full Details

Do you need IGNOU Admission and Course Full DetailsIGNOU Admission: syllabus, fee, application form, deadline, and how to apply? We have all the information you need about IGNOU admission 2023 right here. Read on to find out more about the syllabus, fees, application form, last date, and other important details!

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), established by an Act of Parliament in 1985, has continuously strived to build an inclusive knowledge society through inclusive education. The University, with its headquarters in New Delhi and 36 regional centers, offers high quality teaching through the open and distance learning (ODL) mode.

IGNOU Admission and Course Full Details


S.noCourse CodeCourse Name
1BCA Bachelor in Computer Application
3BEDBachelor in Education
4BAGBachelor of Arts
5BCOMGBachelor of Commerce Question Paper
6BSCGBachelor of Science
10BAECHBachelor of Arts (Hons) ECONOMICS
11BAEGHBachelor of Arts (Hons) ENGLISH
12BAHDHBachelor of Arts (Hons) HINDI
13BSCBCHBachelor of Science (Hons) in Biochemistry
15BASOHBachelor of Arts (Hons)(Sociology)
16BAPCHBachelor of Arts(Hons) Psychology
17BAPSHBachelor of Arts (Hons) Political Science
18BAPAHBachelor of Arts (honours) public administration
20BCOMAFBachelor of Commerce with Major in Accountancy and Finance
21BCOMCAABachelor of Commerce with Major in Corporate Affairs and Administration
22BBASMBachelor of Business Administration (Services Management)
23BAFSMBachelor of Arts (Facility and Services Management)
24BAVMSMEBachelor of Arts (Vocational Studies) Micro Small and Medium Enterprises
25BAUDHBachelor of Arts Urdu (Honours)
26BAPFHMHBachelor of Performing Arts – Hindustani Music


S.NoCourse CodeCourse Name
1MCAMaster in Computer Application
2MCA_NewMaster in Computer Application
3MBAMaster in Bussiness Administration
4MCOMMaster in Commerce
5MEGMaster of Arts in English
6MHDस्नातकोत्तर कला उपाधि (Hindi)
7MPSMaster of Arts (Political Science)
8MAHMaster of Arts (History)
9MSOMaster of Arts (Sociology)
10MAPCMaster of Arts (Psychology)
11MECMaster of Arts (Economics)
12MPAMaster of Arts (Public Administration)
13MLISMaster of Library and Information Sciences
14MAANMaster of Arts (Anthropology)
15MAGPSMaster of Arts (Gandhi and Peace Studies)
16MARDMaster of Arts (Rural Development)
17MSCDFSMMaster of Science Degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management
18MSCCFTMaster of Science (Counselling and Family Therapy)
19MSWMaster of Social Work
20MSWCMaster of Social Work (Counselling)
21MADEMaster of Arts (Distance Education)
22MAAEMaster of Arts (Adult Education)
23MTTMMaster of Tourism and Travel Management
24MAPYMaster of Arts (Philosophy)
25MADVSMaster of Arts (Development Studies)
26MAWGSMaster of Arts (Women and Gender Studies)
27MAGDMaster of Arts (Gender and Development Studies)
28MSCMACSMaster of Science (Mathematics with Application in Computer Science)
29MAJMCMaster of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication)
30MCOMPTMaster of Commerce in Finance & Taxation
31MCOMBPCGMaster of Commerce in Business Policy and Corporate Governance
33MBFMaster of Business Administration (Banking and Finance)
34MBAHMaster of Business Administration —Human Resource Management
35MBAFMMaster of Business Administration —Financial Management
36MBAOMMaster of Business Administration —Operations Management
37MBAMMMaster of Business Administration —Marketing Management
38MAFCSMaster of Arts (Folklore and Culture Studies)
39MAEORMaster of Arts (Environmental and Occupational Health)
40MACSRMaster of Arts (Corporate Social Responsibility)
41MADPMaster of Arts (Drawing and Painting)
42MSCISMaster of Science (Information Security)
43MAERMaster of Arts (Entrepreneurship)
44MSCRWEEMaster of Science (Renewable Energy and Environment)
45MSCFSQMMaster of Science in Food Safety and Quality Management
46MAARBMaster of Arts (Arabic)

Post Graduate Diploma Courses Admission

S. NoCourse CodeCourse Name
1PGDRDPost Graduate Diploma in Rural Development
2PGDCFTPost Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy
3PGDTPost Graduate Diploma in Translation
4PGDSHSTPost Graduate Diploma in Sindhi-Hindi-Sindhi Translation
5PGDIBOPost Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations
6PGDASTPost Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics
7PGDESDPost Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development
8(PGDACPost Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
9PGDDMPost Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management
10PGDMHPost Graduate Diploma in Mental Health
11PGDLANPost Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking
12PGDGPSPost Graduate Diploma in Gandhi and Peace Studies
13PGDHEPost Graduate Diploma in Higher Education
14PGDETPost Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology
15PGDSLMPost Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management
16PGDEMAPost Graduate Diploma in Educational Management and Administration
17PGDPPEDPost Graduate Diploma in Pre Primary Education
18PGDAEPost Graduate Diploma in Adult Education
19PGDUPDLPost Graduate Diploma in Urban Planning and Development
20PGDDVSPost Graduate Diploma in Development Studies
21PGDAWPost Graduate Diploma in Animal Welfare
22PGDCSRPost Graduate Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility
23PGJMCPost Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
24PGDAPPPost Graduate Diploma in Audio Programme Production
25PGDIDMPost Graduate Diploma in Digital Media
26PGDDCPost Graduate Diploma in Development Communication
27PGDEMEPost Graduate Diploma in Electronic Media
28PGDFSQMPost Graduate Diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management
29PGDABPost Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness
30PGDISPost Graduate Diploma in Information Security
31PGDPSMPost Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sales Management
32PGDIPRPost Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights
33PGDC3Post Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice
34PGDEOHPost Graduate Diploma in Environmental and Occupational Health
35PGDFCSPost Graduate Diploma in Folklore and Culture Studies
36PGDSSPost Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Science
37PGDMIDIPost Graduate Diploma in Migration and Diaspora
38PGDWGSPost Graduate Diploma in Women’s & Gender Studies
39PGDBPPost Graduate Diploma in Book Publishing
40PGDWIPost Graduate Diploma in Writings from India
41PGDBLTPost Graduate Diploma in British Literature
42PGDNOVPost Graduate Diploma in The Novel
43PGDWMPost Graduate Diploma in Writings from the Margins
44PGDAMLPost Graduate Diploma in American Literature
45PGDNLEGPost Graduate Diploma in New Literatures in English
46PGDVSवास्तुशास्त्र में स्नातकत्तर डिप्लोमा (पीजीडीवीएस)
47PGEDCOUNPost Graduate Diploma in Social Work Counselling
48PGDHHMPost Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management
49PGDGMPost Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine
50PGDMCHPost Graduate Diploma in Maternal and Child Health
51PGDHIVMPost Graduate Diploma in HIV Medicine
52PGDCA_NEWPost Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications
53PGDHRMPost Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
54PGDFMPost Graduate Diploma in Financial Management
55PGDOMPost Graduate Diploma in Operations Management
56PGDMMPost Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management
57PGDINDSPost Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety
58PGDDEPost Graduate Diploma in Distance Education

Post Graduate Certificate ADMISSION PROGRAMMES

1PGCBHTPost Graduate Certificate in Bangla-Hindi Translation
2PGCPPPost Graduate Certificate in Patent Practice
3PGCAEPost Graduate Certificate in Adult Education
4PGCCLPost Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law
5PGCCCPost Graduate Certificate in Climate Change
6PGCGPSPost Graduate Certificate in Gandhi and Peace Studies
7PGCMDMPost Graduate Certificate in Medical Management of CBRNE Disasters
8ACPDMAdvanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management
9PGCGIPost Graduate Certificate in Geoinformatics
10PGCAPPost Graduate Certificate in Agriculture Policy
11PGCMHTPost Graduate Certificate in Malayalam-Hindi Translation
12PGCIATIVIPost Graduate Certificate in Information and Assistive Technologies for the Instructors of Visually Impaired


S.NODMOPDiploma in Modern Office Practice
1DCCNDiploma in Critical Care Nursing
2DTGDiploma in Teaching German as a Foreign Language
3DEVMTDiploma in Event Management
4DIPPDiploma in Paralegal Practice
5DBPOFADiploma in Business Process Outsourcing — Finance and Accounting
6DWMIGNOU Question Paper (Diploma in Watershed Management
7DULDiploma Programme in Urdu
8DCEDiploma in Creative Writing in English
9DIRDiploma in Retailing
10DDTDiploma in Dairy Technology
11DAQDiploma in Aquaculture
12DMTDiploma in Meat Technology
13DNHEDiploma in Nutrition & Health Education
14DVAPFVDiploma in Value Added Products from Fruits & Vegetables
15DWEDDiploma in Women’s Empowerment and Development
16DAFEDiploma in HIV and Family Education
17DECEDiploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
18DTSDiploma in Tourism Studies
19DPLADDiploma in Panchayat Level Administration and Development


1ACEAppreciation Course on Environment
2ACPDMAdvanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management
3CFNCertificate in Food and Nutrition
5CHCWMIGNOU Question Paper (Certificate in Health Care Waste Management)
6CITCertificate in Information Technology (CIT)
7CNCCCertificate in Nutrition and Child Care
8COFCertificate in Organic Farming
9CPECertificate in Persian Language
10CRDCertificate in Rural Development
11CAFECertificate in HIV and Family Education
12CBSCertificate in Business Skills
13CCPCertificate in Consumer Protection
14CDMCertificate in Disaster Management
15CESCertificate in Environmental Studies
17CFECertificate in Functional English (Basic Level)
18CHRCertificate in Human Rights
19CIGCertificate in Guidance
20CISCertificate in Sericulture
21CPABNCertificate in Performing Arts Bharatanatyam
22CNMCertificate Programme in NGO Management
23CPFCertificate in Poultry Farming
24CPLTCertificate Programme in Laboratory Techniques
25CPVECertificate Programme in Value Education
26CTECertificate in Teaching of English as a Second Language
27CTPMCertificate Programme in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics
28CTSCertificate in Tourism Studies
29CIBCertificate in Beekeeping
30CRULCertificate in Russian Language
31CLISCertificate in Library and Information Science
32CAHTCertificate in Anti Human Trafficking
33CHBHCCertificate in Home Based Health Care
34CVAPCertificate in Visual Arts – Painting
35CETMCertificate in Energy Technology and Management
36CWHMCertificate in Water Harvesting & Management
37CIHLCertificate in International Humanitarian Law
38ACPSDAppreciation Course on Population and Sustainable Development
39CCITSKCertificate in Communication & IT Skills
40CNINCertificate in Newborn and Infant Nursing
41CALCertificate in Arabic Language
42CJLCertificate in Japanese Language
43CPATHACertificate in Performing Arts – Theatre Arts
44CPAHMCertificate in Performing Arts Hindustani Music
45CPAKMCertificate in Performing Arts Karnatak Music
46CPABNCertificate in Performing Arts Bharatanatyam
47CKLCCertificate in Spanish Language & Culture
48ACISEAdvanced Certificate in Information Security
49CULCertificate in Urdu Language
50CTRBSCertificate in Tribal Studies
51APDFAwareness Programme on Dairy Farming
52CCPCertificate in Consumer Protection 
53CMCHNCertificate in Maternal and Child Health Nursing
54CLTACertificate Programme on Life and Thought of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
55CFAIDCertificate in First Aid
56CSWCJSCertificate in Social Work and Criminal Justice System
57CFLCertificate in French Language
58CCRCertificate in Community Radio
59CGDACertificate in General Duty Assistance
60CGCACertificate in Geriatric Care Assistance
61CHHACertificate in Home Health Assistance
62CPHACertificate in Phlebotomy Assistance
63CSLCCertificate in Spanish Language & Culture
64CGLIGNOU Question Paper (Certificate in German Language
65CCLBLCertificate in Spanish Language & Culture
66CCPDCertificate of Competency in Power Distribution (Electrical Technicians)
67CPYCertificate Programme in Yoga
68PGCCCPost Graduate Certificate in Climate Change
69CFDECertificate in Fashion Design
70CSWATTCertificate in Solid Wastes Treatment Techniques
71CCOMOCertificate in Condition Monitoring
72CSCDMCertificate in Smart City Development And Management
73CSANKALPCertificate in Skill Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness For Livelihood Promotion
74CGASCertificate in Gender, Agriculture and Sustainable Development
75CGSCICertificate in Gender and Science

How to Download IGNOU 2022 :-

You can easily get IGNOU s here. First of all go on official website of IGNOU – www.ignou.cc Then Search for the link of ” from the main page.

Then click on that link. All IGNOU s will be displayed on a pdf file as shown in below image . Then click on that file and download it according to your system.IGNOU Admission and Course Full Details