IGNOU Online Courses

IGNOU Online Courses :IGNOU is offering a Online Mode fresh session. These programmes are approved by UGC. The programmes details for these are as follows:

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) provides undergraduate and graduate degree, certificate, diploma, Mphil, and Ph.D. programmes. 

IGNOU Online courses are offered


  • 1) Bachelor of Social Work (BSWOL)
  • 2) Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCAOL)
  • 3) Bachelor of Commerce (BCOMOL)
  • 4) Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences (BLISOL)
  • 5) Bachelor of Tourism (BTSOL)


  • 6) Master of Arts Journalism and Mass Communication (MAJMCOL)
  • 7) Master of Business Administration (MBAOL)
  • 8) Master of Computer Applications (MCAOL)
  • 9) Master of Arts in Translation Studies (MATSOL)
  • 10) Master of Arts (Hindi) (MHDOL)
  • 11) Master of Arts in Gandhi and Peace Studies (MAGPSOL)
  • 12) Master of Arts in Rural Development (MARDOL)
  • 13) Master of Arts in English (MEGOL)
  • 14) Master of Arts in Distance Education (MADEOL)
  • 15) Master of Commerce (MCOMOL)


  • 16) Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental and Occupational Health (PGDEOHOL)
  • 17) Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Science (PGDSSOL)
  • 18) Post Graduate Diploma in Gandhi and Peace Studies (PGDGPSOL)
  • 19) Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development (PGDRDOL)
  • 20) Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education (PGDDEOL)
  • 21) Post Graduate Diploma in Development Communication (PGDDCOL)
  • 22) Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media (PGDIDMOL)


  • 23) Diploma in Tourism Studies (DTSOL)
  • 24) Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHEOL)
  • 25) Diploma in Urdu Language (DULOL)
  • 26) Diploma in Creative Writing in English (DCEOL)
  • 27) Post Graduate Certificate in Agriculture Policy (PGCAPOL)
  • 28) Post Graduate Certificate in Gandhi and Peace Studies (PGCGPSOL)


  • 29) Certificate in Tribal Studies (CTRBSOL)
  • 30) Certificate Programme In Peace Studies and Conflict Management (CPSCMOL)
  • 31) Certificate Programme in Library and Information Science (CLISOL)
  • 32) Certificate in Information Technology (CITOL)
  • 33) Certificate in Tourism Studies (CTSOL)
  • 34) Certificate in Arabic Language (CALOL)
  • 35) Certificate in French Language (CFLOL)
  • 36) Certificate in Russian Language (CRULOL)
  • 37) Certificate in Spanish Language and Culture (CSLCOL)
  • 38) Certificate in Food and Nutrition (CFNOL)
  • 39) Certificate in Urdu Language (CULOL)
  • 40) Certificate in Rural Development (CRDOL)
  • 41) Certificate in Sanskrit Sambhshan (SSBOL)

For ODL, online, and fixed learner intake, IGNOU offers its programmes. 

IGNOU’s online and ODL programmes place a strong emphasis on academic achievement rather than admission through an entrance exam. 

The number of programmes that require entrance exams is rather limited, including Ph.D., MBA, and B.Ed.

IGNOU Online courses are offered in a variety of fields, including the arts and humanities, business, science, language, education, management, and more.

The institution recently established a number of new online courses, including certificate programmes in French and Spanish, MCA, BCA, and MBA. 

PGDRD, DHORT, MSC FSQM, and other recently added IGNOU ODL programmes are a few examples.

Process for Applying to IGNOU Courses

IGNOU typically encourages applicants to finish the process online. The stages in the application process are quite straightforward and simple to understand. Many times, it is discovered that students omit important information, which causes the university to reject their application. Because this is the first step in the admissions process and must be authorized, students should pay close attention when filling out the forms.

How to Use Applying to IGNOU Online Courses?


  • Visit the university’s official website.
  • You should make a username and password.
  • Select “Register” from the menu.
  • the login page, please.
  • Enter the login information.
  • Click the “Login” button now.
  • Submit the Form

FAQs on IGNOU Online Courses:

What kinds of courses are offered at IGNOU University?

All course kinds, from degree-granting to non-degree-granting, are offered by IGNOU. These include programmes at the undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D., M.Phil, postgraduate, and certificate levels.

Do IGNOU accept applications for admission to diploma programmes twice a year?

Not all diploma courses, but the majority of diploma courses, offer enrollment twice a year.

IGNOU offers a regular programme, right?

A number of the programmes are available through IGNOU in normal mode.

Q4. Is the application process consistent across all courses?

Yes, the application procedure is the same for all of IGNOU’s programmes.

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